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Mekonnen & Brook consulting is a business development company specialized in Ethiopian and Spanish markets and our collaboration with local partners has allowed us to expand into Eritrea and Kenya.

With headquarters in Barcelona and Addis Ababa, we are a multidisciplinary team, with exceptional experience in their areas of specialisation, enabled to work in different jurisdictions, with extensive knowledge of the different sectors and international markets.


The mission of Mekonnen & Brook is to lead the companies and entrepreneurs from East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya and Eritrea) to success in their business activities in Spain-Portugal and vice versa, offering them constant support and helping them overcome distance, language and culture barriers.


We are our clients’ allies, offering high-quality professional services to achieve their objectives, committed to their success.

What we do

Supporting new projects

Mekonnen & Brook Business Consulting is working with public institutions and private companies in the Agriculture, Clothing (leather and footwear), Consumer goods, Energy and infrastructure, Industry Real Estate and Construction, Natural resources, Telecommunications, Tourism, Education, Health, Water and environment, foundations and NGOs.

Our work method is designed to help our customers throughout the different phases of the internationalisation process, offering a complete portfolio of services adjusted to the necessities of each company as well as experts integrated into their teams in order to ensure the success of the operations.

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of Spanish market conditions we can help you find a supplier, industrial partners, a technology provider or developer, a distributor, or any suitable company matching your specific needs.

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