Your success is our success

At M&B Consulting you will find people who are passionate and enthusiastic about their work and who provide added value to each project they collaborate on. We have a team that is committed to extensive experience in each of its areas.

Working with vocation

At Mekonnen & Brook we have a method, but above all, we have vocation.

  • We offer our clients an integral service
  • We perform personalized research.
  • We work very closely with the business associations, sectoral associations and trade and investment promotion agencies in Spain.
  • We provide you with a short list of potential suppliers.
  • We take your preferences into account.
  • We introduce you to the most suitable suppliers fulfilling your needs.






Social responsibility

Organization chart

Founder & Executive Director

Denberu Mekonnen

  • He has been living in different regions of the world (Eastern Africa, Latin America, Western Europe).
  • Holds a Degree in Political Science and Sociology (specialization in International Relations) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Diploma in Labor Relations from University School in Labor Relations of Madrid and a Certificate in General Accounting and Tributary Management.
  • He has been working in different areas and companies in various sectors, including Automotive, Transport, Logistics, Industry, Tourism and Commerce. Before founding Mekonnen & Brook Consulting, he worked as an independent business consultant, helping companies enter to Ethiopian and Spanish.
  • He has been a lecturer in several Spanish Universities -Assistant Professor in African history at International University of Catalonia and Assistant Professor of Amharic language at Institute of Ancient Near East Studies of the Barcelona University.
  • He has a big knowledge of Spanish public administration, government’s agencies in charge of Export Promotion program, industry / trade associations and public and private companies.
  • Author of the first tourist guide book for Ethiopia in Spanish, “Rumbo a Etiopia” (“Heading to Ethiopia”). The first edition was published in 2006, second edition 2010 and third edition 2019

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